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weathertunesWeathertunes stands for high calibre Lounge tunes. Being indisputably famous for an harmonious synergy of electronic downtempo music in combination with acoustic sound elements, the project is celebrating their 15th anniversary with a fine retrospective 24 songs selection of their best tunes so far. Fused together back in the year 2000, as the very first collaboration of their brotherhood, Roland and Daniel Voss consistently deliver great epic productions, whether with their superb "Lemongrassmusic" label work or with numerous, wide-ranging projects and productions. Early collaborations with guitarist Philipp Vollertsen as well as with superb female vocalists such as Kay Dee The Bee (France), WAWA (Japan) and R´n`B lady Suzy Duffy (Scotland) have been trademarks to the Weathertunes sound. But most influential is guitarist Michael Arlt, elegantly sweetening the project's output with his jazzy licks. An experienced ear will immediately notice, that Roland and Daniel are clearly bound to the roots of the Lounge genre, with subtle textures and a positive vibe incorporated into the musical beauty of "Modern Bridges". High quality productions of modern digital sound, chopped vocals, strings and atmospheric layers keep rising to connect with carefully selected grooves and melodies, carrying "Modern Bridges" upwards into the realm of musical heaven, taking the listener into higher states of vibrant joy and exaltation. Over the years the project has built up a steady following and gained significant international success. Leave the noisy world behind and plunge into the melodic world of Weathertunes.

Organically set, the spectrum of the first EP release called "Natura Vol.01" reaches wide arrays of deep and lush Downtempo pleasure in a vital way. The instrumentation is ruled by masterfully played electric guitar work harmoniously fusing in an opulent framework of sound. This has become a "Weathertunes" trademark, in particular since the release of  the albums "The Birds And The Sky" (2003) and "Beam me in" (2007). But "Natura Vol.01" has taken the two brothers far deeper, almost reinventing their sound to an impressively mature quality level. By using spacious reverb and guitar effects a slight psychedelic appeal is noticeable too, recalling Ennio Morricone's spirit of the 70's.  Contemporaneously to its vital forces "Natura Vol.01" is also an invitation to slow down your pace. Tune into the rhythm of mother "Natura". Just sit down and wonder...

Weathertunes is the first common project by Daniel Voss and Roland Voss. Founded in the year 2000 the two brothers have discovered their passion for electronic music in combination with acoustic sound elements.  Daniel was educated in playing the piano and the guitar during his childhood and youth. Roland used to be a drummer playing various styles from Jazz to Jazz Rock, Soul and Funk.

On the first two Weathertunes albums the brothers have collaborated with guitarist Philipp Vollertsen from Hamburg and Jazz guitarist Michael Arlt. Michael has joined the duo on all subsequent albums. On their later albums Roland and Daniel have collaborated with some female singers, such as Kay Dee The Bee from France (on the album "Palm Beach") and WAWA from Tokyo, Japan (on the album "Passions") as well as R´n`B vocalist Suzy Duffy from Scotland (also on "Passions"). With their new album "Passions" Weathertunes release their 6th album in 11 years.

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