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For my first residents corner blog spot here on our swanky new website I thought I’d spotlight a new label, going by the name Vibe Boutique Records along with the somewhat more established label, Love2Lounge.

Now, as it happens I do love to troll the pages of MySpace occasionally, there’s some great talent there for the finding, and it was on a recent foray into the “Space” that I came across Vibe Boutique Records. A new label out of NYC specializing in downtempo-lounge Nu-Jazz and Deep House. The default song sounded cool so I let the player do it’s thing and listened to all the tracks while making breakfast one afternoon (yeah I’m a late riser, what can I say!). I discovered a treasure trove of cool chilled out grooves which upon further digging led to some very talented acts along with another downtempo label, Love2Lounge, which I’ll get to later in this blog. It’s always a great thrill when you discover a new source of hitherto undiscovered talent, in this case some new downtempo chill to enjoy, and of course feature in my mixed and live sets.

So I emailed Brigetta, Vibe Boutique’s A&R Manager, who turned out to be super friendly and approachable, and got a little more info on what the company is all about. It turns out that Vibe Boutique Records is Alessandro Oliviero and Brigetta Dunson, two good friends who came to find each other through their music. Alessandro has been producing, writing, and recording for years under the Monodeluxe moniker and Brigetta is the driving force behind The Bria Project compilations. Joining forces to create Vibe Boutique Records, they can now offer the listener a smorgasbord of artists and releases to satisfy their musical palette. From Nu-Jazz, Chill, Lounge, Deep and Soulful House to Jazzy Hip Hop and Neo Soul, Vibe Boutique is set to offer a varied selection of releases in the coming months that is sure to bring delight to all who have chance to hear the great artists who create them. Focusing on scintillating vibes and chilled beats, I’m sure Vibe Boutique will expand the horizons of the listener, presenting creations from artists from around the world.

L2L Digging in a little deeper I discovered the equally chilled out, downtempo-lounge label, Love2Lounge, based in Marbella, and also featuring the production talents of Monodeluxe’s Alessandro Oliviero. Love2Lounge began life in 2005 spinning live sets at lounge residencies in some of Europe’s most exclusive lounge and beach clubs like Nikki Beach, Suite del Mar and Marbella Club. It quickly became apparent that true creative freedom could only be achieved by starting their own label, and so that’s exactly what they did!

Their mission: “To release quality music from a diverse roster of up and coming artists”.

So the A&R team at Love2Lounge ensures the mix of established producers and fresh talent keeps the label right at the cutting edge of the lounge scene. With productions from the likes of Boulevard, Nu Grooves, Gottafunk and Monodeluxe combined with some high calibre remixes, Love2Lounge is fast establishing itself as an up and coming label to look out for.

I’ll be featuring some of what Vibe Boutique and Love2Lounge has to offer in the coming weeks on Below Zero. In the meantime if you’d like a sneak peak at what’s going down at Vibe Boutique HQ, check out their Website and MySpace page...

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