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artemisTransfigure is a collection of live improvised performances with Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman recorded during our January 2014 California house concert tour. Eleven exquisite gatherings in cozy living rooms and community art spaces from southern desert towns of Joshua Tree and La Quinta, all the way north to the farms and rolling hills of Petaluma and Ukiah.

While the music is purely spontaneous, words from existing songs often emerged and wove themselves into new melodic terrain, finding new freedom in alien landscapes. The pieces chosen for this album drew lyrically from my first four albums (Undone, Gravity, Orbits and Auralei). All of which share the same release day of the year as this one.

The album cover art is a painting created by Jesse Fortune at the show in Long Beach at the home and art loft of Steven and Christine Nakamura, where live art and music danced the night away together, all around the room, generated by souls of all ages and walks of life.

Every show was recorded, and there was SO much lovely music that…well, five years later there are still several shows awaiting mixing. There may be another release or two to come from this series. We haven’t done another tour as a trio since 2014…yet. Stay tuned.
released February 14, 2019

Steve Lawson - fretless bass, looping, processing, impish cleverness
Daniel Berkman - Gravikord, kora, ukelele, Handsonic, synths and mischievous genius
Artemis - vocals

Artwork - Jesse Fortune

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