singularis Singularis,the talented young beat-wrangler from the Netherlands, first appeared on the Cold Busted label at the age of 16 with his impressive debut album Evening Hours. Since then he’s grown both as a producer and in age, now unveiling What A Time, his third full-length for the prestigious downtempo imprint. The album’s sixteen tracks combine Singularis’s agility with tough hip hop beats, G Funk style lead lines, and spaced-out vibes for a listening experience beyond easy categorization. The album’s “Introduction” (appropriately subtitled “Slowmotion”) sets the tone with big chords in a layered progression, loping – but swinging – drum machine beats, and Singularis’s trademark synth leads. The way Singulars takes this template and playfully twists it throughout is what makes What A Time a memorable ride. Take “Crassinez” for example, which adds strange synth dives and other digital hijinks, as if Aphex Twin stepped in the studio for a quick moment. And also “Bang”, a very Singularis-ish interpretation of southern low-rider hip hop, clouding the genre with cosmic atmospherics and vague melody. There’s much more to discover here and it’s exciting to know, that at his young age, Singulars is just getting started.

sigularis_lucidSingularis, the talented young producer from the Netherlands, drops a funky, beat-blunted five track single named Lucid Senses for the Cold Busted label. After releasing the acclaimed Evening Hours album in February Singularis bounces back with more instrumental goodness, showing his proficiency with downtempo, trip hop, and instrumental hip hop styles. This time around he also shows off some influence from the sounds of classic G-funk and the rhythms of ‘southern’ hip-hop, but applied to the slinky and spacey Singularis approach. The tracks include “Reminiscing,” a positive and smooth cut with peaceful chords followed by 808 drums and sped up hi-hats as a flute solo turns it into a perfect tropical beach track; “Morning Tears,” a straight up jazz future banger with swinging hi-hats, beautiful chord progressions, and screaming synth leads; “Le Tour Eiffel” with its dramatic synthesizer and Spanish guitars, sounding passionate and intense at the same time like somebody reminiscing over a summer love; “Moonflower (Let’s Go),” a hype, uptempo track driven by a smooth Rhodes piano and an extremely funky warm bass; and “Someday,” with its southern hip-hop influenced beat at about 70 BPM and dreamy piano keys bringing a welcome musical cool-down. Singularis and Cold Busted once again bring a release filled with both jazzy hip-hop beats and future bass songs, creating a progressive musical palette to activate the senses.



At a ripe age of 16 years old, Netherlands-based producer Singularis has created a breathtaking collage of music called Evening Hours. A charming and mesmerizing album. Evening Hours is a twelve track collection of instrumental hip hop, trip hop, and lounge cuts recorded by the beat-making wunderkind. Animated with rhythm, invigorating drum patterns, languid instrumentals, and intoxicating atmospheres, Evening Hours is a fascinating album suitable for the lounge, the home, and the

Highlights include “4 Momz” with its hypnotic melody, laid back 87 BPM beats, smooth synth lines, and round, subtle sub bass. “Take Me Inside” is an album favorite with sweet flanging synths, a juicy bass line, crisp clapping snares, apt beat repeats … satisfactory and majestic sounds all the way. “Stronger” features groovy upright bass notes, an infectious xylophone melody, and filtered effects, making for a solid gorgeous piece. “Tonight” adds a bit of funk to the equation with a popping bass guitar, 80’s style funk synths, and a rhythmic clav motif completing the track’s feel good party vibe. “Tell Me Why” is another creative concoction as a snippet of a stellar male vocal croons over steady beats and relaxing piano. “Wandering” completes our sampler with compelling bright synths, a bumping low end, and a cool, appealing sway. Sit back and get lost in Evening Hours, the promising debut from Singularis who is certain to become a mainstay of the future downtempo scene.

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