sideshow_dubIn keeping with his relentlessly dubby outlook, Sideshow’s latest offering comes with only one guarantee - expect delays!

Ninja Tune records have kindly allowed Aus Music to release some of Sideshow's deep, intensely dubbed-out interpretations of the latest Fink album "Sort Of Revolution", the critically acclaimed international singer- songwriter’s third album for the legendary stable.

On the vinyl we have the two Sideshow rubs of the album's lead singles. "Sort Of Dubolution" (a dub of the album's title track), comes as a classic Sideshow live dub epic, drenched in Fink’s signature vocals alongside an earth-moving bass line. Follower "Dub It All" (an edit of Fink's "See It All") is a stabbier, angular take on the original reminiscent of Scuba's recent late-night masterpieces.

Sideshow's re-work of the track "Q&A" kick starts the flip side - a subtle, persuasive track perfect for those comedown sunrises. Joined by "Don't Look Down in Dub", the track sees Sideshow transform Fink’s vocal efforts into a Thom York-esque creation – an ideal roundup to a tripped-out collection of remixes.

In addition to this EP, Sideshow has just completed two exclusive tracks for the forthcoming All Night Long 2 album on Aus.Also included on this will be the Sideshow remix of Nedry's now classic cut "A42".

Fin Greenall would describe himself as the engine of Sideshow, backed up by the band he has been touring with as legendary London label Ninja Tune’s first and foremost singer-songwriter, Fink. During the bands downtime in between touring Europe and the USA, and writing his critically acclaimed soul-blues-dub, they came together in his 7Dials studio in Brighton to bring us some more trademark dub infused goodness..

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