pitchblackPixel Dust, from Pitch Black’s critically acclaimed album Filtered Senses, has been given four radical over-hauls. The original track starts out in the dubby tech style that Pitch Black excel at, descends briefly into an 80's synth nightmare before becoming a noughties rave track with a serious kick. For the first remix Tot Dokkstätter break things right down to a series of super stereo and spacial abstract sounds, before their lush bass envelops you and their pristine cut up electro groove dances over the arrangement. As washes of noise lull you into a false sense of relaxation, an electric guitar/synth hybrid arpeggio tears its way through the mix.

Up at 125 BPM, Bennun and Healey’s Turbo Tuareg mix dispenses deep hypnotic techno beats, massive cavernous and club-filling sounds as an Arabian vocal weaves its way through the melee. The whole club-floor is kept in a minimal groove holding space until the groove finally slams in over the top of the arrangement at over 3 minutes in. For the 4/4 deep tech / tech house / left field house fraternity, it’s a gem and a half. mcthfg present a sound bed of unsettling electronica and skanking synth hits. Before the listener is dropped into their tight...

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