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nitepplNiteppl is an electronic music project consisting of Alton San Giovanni and Sawyer James. Widely influential throughout the burgeoning San Francisco electronic music scene, Niteppl have performed with artists ranging from Kygo, Porter Robinson, Lemaitre, Danger, SebastiAn, Mr. Oizo, Fred Falke, and many others. Musically Niteppl straddle the line between DJ and Band, production duo and songwriting team, constantly shifting their sound into new and often unexplored sonic territory. Their music calls to mind acts such as Kavinsky and Justice to James Blake and Sam Smith all the way to the Crystal Method and Prodigy. Niteppl’s ever expanding catalog of original material means that their live performances are eclectic, energetic, and always unexpected.

funkydestinationFunky Destination is an exciting retrostyled funk project formed by Vladimir Sivc, also known as Mr. Louie. Hailing from the town of Osijek in eastern Croatia, early on Louie honed his guitar skills and started developing the funk foundation that would guide his sound. A move across Croatia to near the Adriatic Sea introduced Louie to new friends and encounters with turntables and DJ’ing. All of this came together to create Funky Destination, a full-on ‘party time’ project fusing live, organic instrumentation alongside classic-sounding beats, sending the dance floor into a nostalgic frenzy.

Funkadelic Stereo Adventures is the latest Funky Destination album for Cold Busted and it fulfills on the evocative title’s promise. The set includes ten blazing tunes that bubble with choppy, wah-wah guitar, swinging drums and percussion, delicious horns and bass lines, and, occasionally, stirring vocals of the soulful persuasion.

tigerforestSongs of Reverence is the 6th studio album of German electronica project "Tigerforest" and the first release on Lemongrassmusic.

Gunnar Spardel, the man behind Tigerforest, brought together a wonderful array of musicians, joining uplifting electronica with classical instruments and post rock elements.
This unity created an out of this world soundscape to pay deep respect to our planet and to deliver a sense of awe for the amazing gracefulness on earth, from different landscapes, different colors in nature to the enduring spirit of mankind.

It brought musicians together from different genres and different areas of the world for one common goal.
Spardel's characteristic synth pop sound is also joined by classical instruments in most parts of the album.

Gunnar Spardel is the mastermind behind the music project “Tigerforest”. The name is a word play on the Taiga forests that cover much of the far northern hemisphere, extending into the Arctic Circle.  It produces more than half of the oxygen produced from trees on the planet.
Spardel was born and raised in Hamburg / Germany but is currently living in New England / USA where he sculpts expansive electronic soundscapes inspired by nature’s deepest mysteries. A largely self-taught musician who has played synthesizers since an early age, Spardel has a remarkable command of orchestration, arrangement and dynamics, as revealed throughout his compositions. His desire is into creating visionary atmospheres mixing lush instrumentation and thick-layered synthesizers for a sound that lies somewhere between 80s dream pop and modern electronica in the tradition of Teutonic sound pioneers.

vaalThe next installment on Afterlife comes from Vaal with remixes by Locked Groove and Baikal. ’Wander To Hell’ is a three track EP, with several versions of the same track that each encapsulate the spirit of Afterlife in their own individual way. Heralding from a rock n’roll and jazz background Vaal is unperturbed by the strict rules that define & guard electronic music. ‘Wander To Hell’ is stripped back and gentle, highlighting the emotive side of the label. The combination of alluring vocals and beautiful reverberating chords along with the ebb and flow of distortion makes it a composition that grips the listener from start to finish. Belgian talent Locked Groove seeks the dancefloor with his remix. He brings back a little familiarity, the vocal remains, but is now present amongst an assortment of synths and percussion, pushing through to darker, heavier depths. Baikal makes multi layered electronic music simultaneously for the heart, mind and feet. His version of ‘Wander To Hell’ is truly spellbinding, featuring a hypnotic groove that glides seamlessly through a continuum of time and space.

ochoOn June 17th Bodytonic Music present the fear inducing yet exquisite Mouth To Mouth EP by cult Dublin band Ocho. Distorted bass, grinding rhythm and icy atmospherics give EP opener Vines a dramatic, dark and icy Celtic beauty, all set to the spectral voice of lead singer Stace Gill. Completed by producer /writer DOS and a plethora of talented guest musicians, the band's ambient sound is influenced by an eclectic mix of music from around the world. Ocho released their hauntingly beautiful debut Young Hunting in 2012 and Mouth To Mouth marks a mesmerising return for the intriguing duo and their unique brand of ice-cold, soulful electro, getting support from the likes of Severino, Anthony Naples, Fish Go Deep & more

Disco master Darshan Jesrani (one half of the legendary NY duo Metro Area) reworks Vines into enchanting Balearic sunrise house, presented in both vocal and instrumental incarnations.

Ocho amp up the drama level even more for an engrossing, trance inducing fantasy journey high into stratosphere on Disappearing. The EP closes with the epic, Burial-goes-baroque torch song 'Offshore'.

Bodytonic started life in 2002 as a small club night based in Dublin and has since thrown parties everywhere from Sonar to Berghain, with guests including Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Laurent Garnier, Horse Meat Disco, Switch & Diplo, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock and Q-Tip.

In addition to their ongoing club nights and label, Bodytonic run Irish nocturnal institutions Wigwam (formerly the Twisted Pepper venue) and the Bernard Shaw pub, whilst other areas of their rapidly growing empire include festivals, pubs, brewing beer, restaurants, a gallery, apps and websites.

The first release on Bodytonic's labels came in 2007 and they have since put out records featuring Ron Morelli & Svengalisghost (under their Ghost 202 guise), Naum Gabo (AKA Jonnie Wilkes from Optimo), Mr Fingers, JD Twitch and Irish stars Kormac & Tr One.

Bodytonic releases are forthcoming from Adultrock and Hmeflght, with Bodytonic parties at Snowbombing, Dimensions, and Wigwam in Dublin happening in 2016, with events at ADE and beyond in the pipeline.

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