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floatingAfter six years of waiting Sine Music will be releasing Gold Lounge's new album "Floating" on June 1st, 2018. The album will be available at all well-known streaming services and download stores. "Floating" starts with the sensual track "Fallin' in Love", in which the vocals sway like a white curtain
moved by the summer breeze. Totally in the flow with an easy beat and the piano hook.

The album contains twelve tracks in total, few of them have been released earlier on various compilations, the majority of the songs however are unreleased. One of the new songs is named "All That We Are". With its warm pulse it welcomes the evening in a beach bar and asks you to choose: Bahama Mama or Piña Colada? The title track of this album "Floating" mirrors the dreamy and soft-coloured cover in a perfect way. Purely instrumental the song flows in harmonious beauty. "Pure love" is the last song in the tracklist. You'll be watching the sunset comfortably thoughtful while
beautiful strings and pianos take you to places of pure beauty and craving. Dreaming, wallowing and "Floating" - just like this album's name.

uppermostParisian producer and electronic musician Uppermost released his highly anticipated new album Perseverance today on his independent label imprint UPPWIND. In celebration, he shared a new video for title track “Perseverance” featuring Harry Pane with Music News. Filmed in New York and directed by Joseph B. Carlin, the video brings attention to the emotive aspects of the creative process, further enhancing the track’s radiating synths and pulsating electronics. Watch here.

Perseverance is a 14-track collection that showcases vocalists from folk, hip-hop, and pop backgrounds.

pitchblackPixel Dust, from Pitch Black’s critically acclaimed album Filtered Senses, has been given four radical over-hauls. The original track starts out in the dubby tech style that Pitch Black excel at, descends briefly into an 80's synth nightmare before becoming a noughties rave track with a serious kick. For the first remix Tot Dokkstätter break things right down to a series of super stereo and spacial abstract sounds, before their lush bass envelops you and their pristine cut up electro groove dances over the arrangement. As washes of noise lull you into a false sense of relaxation, an electric guitar/synth hybrid arpeggio tears its way through the mix.

Up at 125 BPM, Bennun and Healey’s Turbo Tuareg mix dispenses deep hypnotic techno beats, massive cavernous and club-filling sounds as an Arabian vocal weaves its way through the melee. The whole club-floor is kept in a minimal groove holding space until the groove finally slams in over the top of the arrangement at over 3 minutes in. For the 4/4 deep tech / tech house / left field house fraternity, it’s a gem and a half. mcthfg present a sound bed of unsettling electronica and skanking synth hits. Before the listener is dropped into their tight...

yotaYota is born in Stockholm, Sweden. Although her father was a performing singer and music had a great influence in her early life, she decided to go for arts school instead. As her first passion in life was art, running an art gallery with some friends along with studying arts was a natural choice for her. Later on by chance, her best friend connected her with a music producer, she then decided to give music and singing a try and started working with dancemusic in the late 90's for various electronic projects. Music took over more and more of her time. Later on she got in touch with Anders Mörén (Misty Music) and Håkan Lidbo (Container Publishing) around 2001. After a signed publishing deal with Misty Music and with the first track "Let me be" with Martin Venetjoki which was released on Mouthful Music ( a Chicago House music based recording label) things started rolling for real. Working with Zoo Brazil/Laid was her first strong release with a certain kind of high quality house music and she decided she would continue to focus on music in this genre. As a talented melody and lyrics writer she was asked to work for Universal and some other majors. Her latest releases have been on many respected labels (see. Discography). Yota already worked & collaborated with: Alan Braxe, John Acquavia, Lifelike, Zoo Brazil, Robert Görl, John Dahlbäck, Stonebridge, DJ DLG, Redroche, just to name a few of them.

vittoriafleetVittoria Fleet are electronic artists defined by relationships. Together exploring the spaces between time and place / analogue and digital / masculinity and femininity / sound and music... in their time together, this contrasting list has only grown. The band first formed in 2009 - the combined efforts of Allan Shotter and Giada Zerbo; producing the Kissing Cousins EP as a swan song to their time spent together in Hackney Wick, London. Reflecting the organic and controlled existences that surrounded them throughout the city. This EP showcased a huge sonic arsenal, from pounding bass and drums reminiscent of the raves of East London to the most delicate vocals, atmospherics and field recordings. All used to expand the depth and dimensions of each track.

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