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bluepilotsBlue Pilots Project is the alias of Thomas Kosidis.

Born in Thessaloníki in 1972 and grew up listening to world music, from classical to psychedelic music.

He went to a conservatoire for a short while but that all ended when he made his own studio which lies in the industrial part of the town in Athens Greece.  This is when he started exploring analog psychedelic sounds and has released his debut album called “Flight for everyone” on Klik Records in 2007.

NeverToLate-WebXemplify’s debut album “Never Too Late” has tracks being showcased frequently on uk’s kiss fm chillout show “the rehab” and on jazz fm’s legendry “the late lounge”.  Xemplify’s sound is influenced by Air, Zero 7, Massive Attack and Drizabone to name a few, and brings differing musical backgrounds to deliver an original and diverse chillout sound.

Formed by David Ives who started out 15 years ago as a DJ and Producer of breakbeat and dance music. Whilst the scene he was involved in split, David decided to take a break but kept closely involved in the music business behind the scenes in various guises.

In 2008 his love of chillout led him to embark upon a new project. teaming up with Chris Sargent, a long time friend and the extremely talented vocalist rebecca hayes. the vision was to produce quality chillout music using talented and real musicians. this is best showcased on the tracks “changing” and “i’m tired” featuring a classically trained violinist and a rock guitarist.

Working with artists such as the Artful Dodger, Kelly Clarkson, Lee Ryan, The Freestylers, Baby D, and Judge Jules, Xemplify's sound is fresh and strands different musical genres all captivated in their unique chilled and soothing execution.
erinandhercelloErin and her Cello is a musical theatre piece starring Erin Hall, a bubbly New York actress and cellist. Hall comes from Boise, Idaho, where she studied cello performance at the University of Idaho before moving to New York City to pursue her love of Musical Theatre. Soon after graduating from the New School in 2003, she developed this show in which her character suggests a cross between Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw and pop songstresses like Nellie McKay and Peggy Lee. Much of Hall's material stems from her love-hate bond with New York City, touching on the challenges of urban relationships, the negligent cashiers at a local drug store chain and the city's infamous mass transit system. Supported by a rock rhythm section and a trio of back-up singers, she plays primarily pizzicato bass lines, her cello analogous to an upright bass, as she sings and beams at the audience.

A performance of Erin and Her Cello at Ars Nova on September 23, 2008 featured roughly a dozen songs that crossed genres and subject matter, including the clever, Subway Crush, about a three minute love connection on the A train. Fresh, Clean Towels is a bluesy ode to the delights of clean linens, while the rap inspired Breakdancin' Man incorporates the beatboxer Adam Matta. Some may find Hall's banter a bit too sugary cute, but there is a good range to her material and somehow the cello always fits in.


Deep Dive Corporation return with some new amazing tracks and this week we feature the track, "Down" on the show.  Read more...

Go deep, very deep into groovy ethnic rythms and pulsing trance beats that keeps chill rooms bumping. Deep Dive Corporation consists of Björn Gerhard (aka DJ Turn) and Peter Musebrink (aka DJ P.M. FM), two musicians from Germany who are combining elements of trip hop, ambient, trance and house into beautiful and harmonic mediterranean soundscapes. This set was recorded live, in March at the Freefrom label party in San Francisco. The show starts off with a smooth mix of loungey house from DJ P.M. FM, before moving into their live set. They both mix stripped down versions of their tracks while Bjorn plays live percussion and Peter adds layers of live guitar and effects. The microphoned drums allow the screams and whistles of the bouncing dancers to leak through the music.

After performing their music at numerous festivals, parties and events around Germany, Bjorn and Peter were asked by Nartak, label manager for Freeform records, to release an album. The result was the stunning 'Support Your Local Groover,' a rare downtempo gem which covers an amazing range of sounds including a breakbeat remix of George Gershwins' 'Summertime,' the spiraling 'Bali Hi' and the dance floor chugger 'Gogo Dancer.' Deep Dive recently released their second full length CD, 'Blackmail Recordings,' on Jubilee Records, a new chill out sub-label of Freeform. This release continues their clean production and downtempo grooves but explores new territory, including vocalists and more slowed down hip hop beats.

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