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1200x630bfDeep chilled out musical grooves from Shambala aka Tony Thomas. Tony is known mainly for his house, tech house and techno music but his Shambala project concentrates on the more spaced out, jazzy, hip hop, dub and ambient soundscapes. He already had massive success with the Shambala track " Jam Jah Dub " which was number one on the Beatport chill out charts a few years back for almost 6 months, and has been licensed to many compilations plus TV and film projects worldwide. Here he also presents 3 brand new tracks that are currently exclusive to Beatport. Please enjoy :)

ursula1000Take a plunge into “Faded Denim Wash”, a slow motion cosmic nu-disco number drenched in summer sunshine and the first single off the upcoming album VOYEUR!  Melbourne’s Abelard, having caused a huge viral stir with his glo-fi tweak of the Seinfeld theme, sprays his vaporwave mist on this remix with a healthy dose of Hammer/Faltermeyer sophisti-pop freshness!

disclosureprojectRadiosonde is an artist album by The Disclosure Project on their self owned record label.  Taking over a year to compose and arrange. It’s contents can best be described as organic electronic music. Looking back into the past and to the present, its musical influences range from Jazz, Funk, Nature documentaries, Classical music, Ambient, Down tempo and House.  While that may sound like it spans the gamut of music, and it’s often a cliché that artists will claim their music covers all these grounds. A listen to this album will solidify this statement as fact.

The album showcases ten tunes that are supported by solid groove, whilst keeping melody and harmony at the center stage of the production. As far as albums by The Disclosure Project go this one presents a more cerebral experience than normal. Taking the listener from emotional deep listening tracks, right through to hip swaying and head nodding funk. Along the journey trip hop and electronica are woven seamlessly into the albums fabric. Even a little US deep house appears here and there. It’s as if the album intentionally dares you to stretch your musical taste.

dreamhunterDuring the past three years, the Brazilian DJ/producer Felippe Camargo "Dreamhunter" dedicated himself to produce a lot of new tracks aiming to get a release on Lemongrassmusic. As a good dreamer, he went deep into the music and created tight mixes inspired in moments and artists that changed his life forever.

Mixing different shapes of Lounge music, he created 14 brand new songs connected with a lot of musical influences that pass through Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Rock and experimental stuffs. While listening to the album, we can feel warm beats mixed with many kinds of instruments such as pianos, synthesizers, pads, flutes, saxophones, organs, guitars and much more. Melodies that go up and down and capable of causing sensations of happiness, freedom, hope, loneliness, sadness... Besides having these many shaped emotions, Dreamhunter is a true example of moving forward with the baggage that comes from the personal past and always maintaining hope for a better future.

Our heart is composed by many shapes that can stimulate many different feelings. And can you imagine the amount of things we feel inside ourselves during three years? This is what the album shows. A puzzled heart and true music, bringing shapes and forms that will take you back in time to remember to the old classic Chill Out songs and also complex melodies where you can feel the taste of a modern and very personal style that Felippe created in this project Dreamhunter.

From introspective moods to expansive and breathtaking waves. From sunshine summer vibes to cold winter moods. This is what you are likely to feel while listening to this album. And in the end, the last message is: "Never loose the hope you need to achieve your dreams".

Tom Strobe (born May 18, 1993), is a chill out music producer and performer from Donetsk, Ukraine.

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