Where to begin with a prolific talent like Richaincidentsrd West, aka Mr. C. He’s an icon of the British acid house movement, a DJ, producer, song-writer, MC, actor, presenter and Buddhist meditation teacher. He’s probably best known as the frontman of The Shamen whose worldwide hit & British #1 ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ propelled acid house and rave into the mainstream pop consciousness in ’92, led to a double platinum album ‘Boss Drum’ and snagged them a coveted Ivor Novello award for songwriter of the year. Richard was at the forefront of rave culture from the late 80s, MCing in clubs, on radio and records. He began DJing in ’87 and has organised, promoted and held residencies at seminal London club nights like Fantasy, Base, Harmony and Subterrain. Through his residency for the legendary RIP parties at Clink Street, he was at the forefront of the birth of rave culture as we know it, with the club serving as a blueprint for all the London raves that followed from ’88 to ’90. His production alias’s are numerous and his first label Plink Plonk a guiding light of British 90s techno.
In 1995 Mr. C opened influential London club The End (and AKA) which completely transformed London clubland over the next 15 years. Together with his partner at The End, Layo Paskin, he ran End Recordings - home to many classic underground tracks and artists of the period including Layo & Bushwacka’s crossover hits before signing with XL and Mr. C’s collaborations with Robert Owens. Since the closing chapter of The End, Richard has concentrated on his Superfreq events (which began at The End in 2002) and label - transforming them into a global network of parties at some of the best clubs on the planet. It’s with Superfreq where Mr. C’s long-held view of club culture becomes clear - that music and parties celebrate life, providing a platform for good people to make new friends and experience the very best cutting-edge music in a way that’s more than a little bit naughty, playful and fun.
Mr. C’s new album ‘Incidents’ comes after a run of recent releases on the Save Fabric album, Alola Records & Jack Trax. He’s delved deep into his musical psyche to deliver an acid master class that’s influenced by Ska, Dub, Old School Electro, Italo Disco, Acid House & Tech House, essentially bringing his roots up to date with a massive modern production. ‘Incidents’ is about things that can happen while clubbing and, of course, features Mr.C’s spiritual overtones. The artwork is by Pilar Zeta. ’Incidents’ starts off slowly building in tempo through-out, very much like an extended Mr.C DJ set compressed into 80 minutes of acid bliss. Opener ‘Entry Search’ is a low slung acid track with a dub bassline, building with lush pads & ska stabs that set the tone of the album. ‘A Civil Dose’ melds electronic trip hop dub with other-worldly vocal mimicking synths breaking down into 303 lines. ‘Acid Fever’ is a down-tempo hybrid of off beat electro & acid house that oozes soul & reels you in with its infectious acid melodies & deep pads.
‘Stand Up’ is the first single from the album, it’s a rebellious song that calls on the dance music community to unite against the authorities continued affront on our culture. From here things pick up pace with ‘Do It For Me’ an industrial sounding acid house track with minimal vocals that’s a real dance floor winner. On the Italo Disco inspired ‘Disco Rebellion’ the rhythm alternates between four to the floor & off beats. On ‘Shape Your Dreams’ Mr.C delivers an inspiring vocal about making your dreams a reality, followed by ‘Raid’ a proper offbeat electro acid track. ‘Master Of The Universe’ is a Detroit inspired tech house track with a rolling bassline, syncopated synths, edgy pads & a vocal refrain telling you that you are, indeed, the master of the Universe. Second single ‘Ripple Effect’ is a progressive feeling tech house number with a funky bassline & laced with acid. The album concludes with ‘Quick Exit’, which contrary too its name is a deep & slow dubbed out trippy dose of electro, that either ends the album nicely or sets you up to listen to the entire journey again.
With ‘Incidents’ Mr.C is back with his best solo work to date, delivering an album that encompasses his artistic universe and musical history, and it’s as great for listening to at home as it is for doing serious damage to dance floors.

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