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LOODMA0057Jakub Šenšel aka Minor Rain started producing in 2009 From this year, actively involved in the production, along with his friend as soundNbeats. They have issued many labels like Breakfast Audio, Fokuz, Celsius, and more... In 2011 he created his own project called Minor Rain where he focuses on deeper styles and experimental electronic music. Below Zero has always been a big fan of Loodma Recordings

The latest EP due out May 28th, 2018 is "Purple Waves" and it is another journey into eclectic downbeat arrangements.

Check out all these releases on Loodma Recordings by Minor Rain:

Tomorrow's Sunrise

These Moments

Jakub Šenšel is from Martin, Slovakia and began his project, Minor Rain in 2010. Hearing the old familiar styles and deep rhythms suddenly all makes sense when you realize he is also a member of the drum-n-bass band, 'SoundnBeats' which started producing in 2009. They have released on labels such as Sinous, Fokuz, SMPTM, Celsius, IM:LTD and Break-Fast Audio.

In a time where music has gotten more aggressive in breaks, house, and drum-n-bass, it is extremely refreshing, much like a Minor Rain to have the atmospheric and psychedelic drops of sound hit and chill down your spine.

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