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Music, movement, nature and from the writer’s perspective, the nature of music itself. This is another centered collection from song writer/producer Steven Connolly. Featuring new voices and musicians from Europe and the Americas. We’ve come to expect a collection of varying styles throughout from this Irish artist. Not being so prolific in output, MAN IN A ROOM has never believed in churning out productions. Not until a concept is visualized and an idea is fully formed. Reinvention is the motivating factor each and every time. The EP embraces deep down-tempo beats, unusual spoken word, soaring vocals and lighter laid-back vibes. A vivid piece of work with deep electronic sounds that are entwined with acoustic instrumentation. Strong, introspective lyrical themes are nestled alongside freeing and outward looking instrumentals. A very worthy excursion into a very suggestive side of Chillout music.


maninaroom"Pursuits" is MAN IN A ROOM's new 5 track EP and the return of Song Writer/Producer Steven Connolly after his debut LP "The Alchemist's Apprentice" which was released on Lemongrassmusic in 2012.  
As we've come to expect from Steven, the narrative is all important in his works.  Lyrically, these themes are chasing undefined targets.  This is in order to reflect the unspecified interests, longing and desires of someone.  Indeed, anyone who may be in pursuit of an experience or achievement which will never quite be fulfilled.  More aptly described as "Sehnsucht" (German).  An unsatisfied desire that is itself more desirable that any other satisfaction…
This is "Pursuits" intention and is yet another shift toward this new ground.  Expect Cinematic Funk, Trip-Hop, Lounge and World Music.  As ever, MIAR has managed to switch gears throughout.  With a rich array of sound, instrumentation and superb performances from its guest vocalists and musicians.  This EP has enough to offer the most eclectically minded of listeners.
And so the pursuits continue...


"Hard times for a Dreamer" was inspired by a search for something bigger and beyond the mundanity of daily life.  Steven has worked with a number of Vocalist's for this EP {Jett (Bridget Insinna), Mc Fava (Philip Warthmann) and Lee Redmond} who have helped him to realize its concept.  It marks a change in style and philosophy of the Artist and a sign of things to come...

Man in a Room is producer Steven Connolly from Dublin, Ireland.  He started his love of electronic music in the late 80's.  While emersed in the headonistic times of the "club" scene he began early productions using software trackers and minimal equipment. 

With numerous releases in the club genre and working with various labels, Steven was also part of the duo C-Quence.  A very popular live dance act in the 90's.  He has supported many a national and international act over the years.
Steven decided to quit the live scene and concentrate on his production.  At the best of times, this is a black art and so, spent the next couple of years learning the craft.  Hours a day inside his room inspired the name "Man in a Room".  Listening to all and everything has given him a broad range of influences.  From DnB to Jazz to Classical, its all there.

Man in a Room is now producing many different genres of music. He aims to be as eclectic as possible.  As he says himself "I love trying new styles and hope it's something I'll always do. It's about experimenting, listening, learning and trying to become wiser from the experience".


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