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malkou1Malkou is a music producer from Paris, France. He has been producing Chill-Out music for over 10 years and has worked with different music publishers, TV production companies and labels in Paris and Europe.
The 6 tracks debut EP „Dreams Of Paris“ is presented on the label Lemongrassmusic.

Malkou creates a unique , organic blend of soft, deep and progressive music combining live instrumentation (acoustic and electric guitar, bass, harp, keyboards and percussions) and electronic sounds.

He draws his influence from many genres of music and arts and has especially developed his music  production skills with the Loudon Stearns (Berklee) and Dan Hauchenbaum (CalArts).  This EP has the honor to present the young talented Parisian singer Tilia (Louise Marchall), with her first recorded title „My Darkest Love“. The lyrics of the song are from Sarah Sankey, an artist of the European street theater scène.

Marjana ATI contributes her little 5yo voice for the tune „Dreams of Paris“ and Fouzia Benmira plays percussions.

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