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photo levinhurst1Levinhurst

"I wanted to do something positive now as I have felt inspired by recent trends in music," says Lol. "It feels to me like when I first started making music, which seemed like a good enough reason to do some more!" It is this inspiration that Lol used as a start off point for further sonic experiments. "Listening to new artists utilize the sound I helped develop inspired me to reach now for new sounds in the studio. The finished CD, Perfect Life, is easily the most exhilarating project I've been able to work on since the early Cure records." The timing for Perfect Life couldn't be more perfect as 2003 marks the 25th anniversary of The Cure. In addition to first time eligibility for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, active plans are in the works for remastering the entire Cure catalog. "It's amazing to me that The Cure still has this much viability and resonance so many years later," remarks Lol. "If you had told the schoolboy versions of Robert and myself this is where we'd end up, we wouldn't have believed it!" It sounds like Perfect Life was the most appropriate title Laurence could have given to the Levinhurst CD.

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