lgm beauty Beauty in its purest form, as a sound aesthetic and kitsch-freed feelgood vibe, is the dedicated vision to the new Lemongrass album. Like sun-flooded dream images, carried by an always positive fundamental frequency, a pack of 15 songs will enchant our senses, as a valuable experience of contrast to the predominantly dark themes of our times. After a two years phase of immersion with a mainly Ambient-meditative output, Lemongrass mastermind Roland Voss is back to the groove and his unique style of Lounge beats. Vocally assisted by the great Jane Maximova, who even sings a song in her Russian mother tongue. Side by side with the velvety Poetry Soul of native Jamaican Karen Gibson Roc, they both enrich the album with feminine accents. Not to forget South African's newcomer Wenawedwa, who illuminates the cool grooves of "Unite" with sensitive vibration. Fragile and still moments are skilfully woven within the Lemongrass sound cosmos, like the delicate solo piano part on "Belle Vue" or the dreamy "What you believe", sticking out with an opulent string section. The sum of what made lounge music once a trendsetter, is alive on "Beauty". An album, which arouses joyful anticipation of bright and glorious summer days.

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