floatingAfter six years of waiting Sine Music will be releasing Gold Lounge's new album "Floating" on June 1st, 2018. The album will be available at all well-known streaming services and download stores. "Floating" starts with the sensual track "Fallin' in Love", in which the vocals sway like a white curtain
moved by the summer breeze. Totally in the flow with an easy beat and the piano hook.

The album contains twelve tracks in total, few of them have been released earlier on various compilations, the majority of the songs however are unreleased. One of the new songs is named "All That We Are". With its warm pulse it welcomes the evening in a beach bar and asks you to choose: Bahama Mama or Piña Colada? The title track of this album "Floating" mirrors the dreamy and soft-coloured cover in a perfect way. Purely instrumental the song flows in harmonious beauty. "Pure love" is the last song in the tracklist. You'll be watching the sunset comfortably thoughtful while
beautiful strings and pianos take you to places of pure beauty and craving. Dreaming, wallowing and "Floating" - just like this album's name.

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