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gemmaGemma Hayes - At Constant Speed

"I was in trouble back there for a bit but now I think anything is possible.  I achieved waht I've always wanted, an album full of songs that mean something," states Gemma.

She is an Irish singer-songwriter who worked hard to pull herself from the unknown and into the spotlight.  The problem was when the spotlight was shining bright she lost her muse and it didn't seem worth it anymore.  She put herself back into the unknown where she would undergo another self discovery and return with her second album, but this story isn't as easy as said.

After leaving University and quitting her job to focus on her newly signed contract with a cool record label Gemma released a few EPs that were very well received, then came the debut album, "Night On My Side" in 2002.  When it came time to work on the follow up album she couldn't make it happen, it was like all the magic had vanished.  In 2004 Gemma cut herself off from the world and moved to a remote county where she plunged back into her writing.

She then moved to the left coast, Los Angeles where she would hook up with a string of talented musicians, Josh Klinghoffer (guitarist with PJ Harvey), Cedric Lemoyne (Bassist for Remy Zero) and Roger Manning Jr. (keyboardist for Beck).  Into the studio and the magic returned and the new album "The Roads Don't Love You" was born and offered soaring melodies and Gemma's unique voice.

"All of us are trying to figure shit out all the time, this album is saying look, I don't know waht the answer is and I don't care" states Gemma.

Currently Gemma is touring and gigging, check her web page for latest dates and news.

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