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"I make music... I buy music... I play music... I steal music... I eat music.. and sometimes music feeds me." - Gavin Hardkiss


Years ago there was a group of brothers that rocked San Francisco with their sound, record label and live DJ spots.  They were known as the Hardkiss brothers (Gavin, Robbie, and Scott) and the movement they would create in the 90's in the Bay would spill out into the world.  Gavin Hardkiss has been producing music since 1991 and he would manage the Hardkiss label in the early '90's and helped to foster the new psychedelic dance sound with releases of his own and creations with the likes of Rabbit in the Moon, God Within, Little Wing, T Tauri, Symbiosis and his own Hawke.

His name Gavin in Gaelic means White Hawk he took to the moniker Hawke.  Gavin was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and took a few turns and found his home across the Golden Gate near the city by the Bay.  He has had a very successful solo career from his first single "3 Nudes In A Purple Garden," which was released on the classic Hardkiss album, Delusions of Grandeur which is one of the most sought after releases in dance music for a domestic.  Gavin would start to produce music that would cross genres and he wanted to focus on producing timeless provocative tracks.  The album "Namaquadisco" and "Heatstroke" did just that but it was his third album, "Love Won Another" that really broke through.

Gavin has also remixed the likes of Led Zepellin, Elton John, The Beatles and performed alongside Snoop Dogg and The Buena Vista Social Club.  He has appeared on labels such as Astralwerks, Sony/Columbia, Global Underground, OM, Hooj TOons and Ditrec Records and has appeared in coutless TV commercials.  His music has been used on shows such as HBO's "Sex in the City", and MTV's "Real World".

His music and message has been described as a stoned-out-can-do-anything-optimism and we couldn't agree more.  Throughout the many years we have known Gavin he has done that with every release and while he is behind the decks delivering a hybrid sound of house, techno funk, electronica and chilled out groove.  He can't be boxed, he doesn't know what a box is, he is a Hardkiss and that name to us is defined by edge and endless blue sky.

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