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In early 2005 Mason Rothert who has been spinning chill and down-tempo music since 1999 in San Francisco and Los Angeles had a chance to create a night centered around chill-out music on the Westside of L.A.  While trying to come up with a brand and identity the name Below Zero gave him one of those brain freezes one evening out of nowhere while relaxing at the beach. Shortly after speaking with his long time chill-out partner and friend Sinukus, Below Zero was born.

By the early summer of 2005 Mason was contacted to create a chill show for Energy 92.7 FM in San Francisco thanks to old friends Trevor Simpson & Dimitris Mykonos.  This was not a first time in being approached to create a show such as this, years earlier ALICE 97.3 FM in San Francisco asked Mason to help in created their program, "Chill with Alice" was a program Mason helped create and initially design with the Alice 97.3 music director and program directon.  That show however never really explored the true world of chill-out as it was always hampered by the guidelines of FM radio to play familiar and keep it simple.  This time around though things would be different and by August 2005 Below Zero premiered on the air for Energy 92.7 FM and went on a long run producing over 200 shows including the resident's show produced by Brian Peek.  During the FM run on Energy Mason had the pleasure to reunite and work with his old program director from his days at ALICE radio in San Francisco, John Peake.  In September of 2008, Energy moved Below Zero off the FM airwaves and into a full stream on the internet hosted on the Energy 92.7 website, then not long after Energy 92.7 FM completely went off the air.

Since that first show Below Zero has launched several versions of it's website and is now at 400 shows produced since that first day on the beach!  BZ has befriended tons of amazing artists and labels around the world, signed tracks, and released it's first ever compilation - Minus 1.  With the launch of the physical and digital label Below Zero (Beats), Mason has fulfilled a dream come true in completely surrounding himself with talent and beautiful music while sharing it with whoever cares to listen all across the globe.  The show is hosted and produced by Mason Rothert who is also the main resident, but it has had the help and support of many, including partner Jason Teplitsky of Blowfish Sushi... his restaurants and love for music was a major spark behind BZ's growth.

Below Zero has also had the pleasure of working with good friend Sinukus who has been our web-guru and one of the main resident DJ's.  BZ would go on to include the one and only Julian Lennon during the summer of 2008 whom agreed to lend his name, ear and talent to the show each week with his favorite pick and help us to expand our knowledge in music and learn from one of the best.  BZ would launch several amazing events over the years such as bringing Shine to the Red Devil Lounge, the live series at the bar known as Swig and then the DJ series event known as Below Zero "Nightshades" at Wish Bar & Lounge in San Francisco.

Currently, Below Zero is quietly working to present Minus Two and a new look and feel to their weekly show and website.  That is about where we are for now...


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