Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl deliver this thought provoking video for the song 'Animals'.


Check out Kyrstyn Pixton with "That Moon Song"

'Through The Picture Window', is a feature length documentary and groundbreaking App available now!  Julian Lennon releases his amazing DVD and APP on December 11th, 2013.  Take a peek into the story that explores different sides of Lennon by showing the recording of the full-length album as well as a deep look into his spectacular photography.

"It [the documentary] deals with some of the past issues, a lot of ideas and thoughts," he said. "There was a lot of realizations that came to be out of doing the documentary because it involves of dear, dear friends from the music industry as well, like Bono, and many other guys who have been around and observed me from the early days. And they put their two cents in, too."


Lou Rhodes a mini-documentary


The duo team up to bring you the amazing and unique sounds of "Make You Feel"


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