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dudubeatThe artist Dudubeat from Russia have produced some oriental Lounge Tracks. Enjoy the Asian Sound from Russia!  Released on Diventa Music - enjoy the collection!

arlingodwin saveme

Arlin Godwin continues to reach into the vault and pull some of his chilled out tracks.  This is a remastered single, as Arlin was playing around with some new mastering software (Izotope's Ozone 7) he said he began to mess around with a song called "Save Me". It was put out some time ago on an album called "The Vault" which has since been pulled from stores. However the version of "Save Me" that appeared on that record was a different mix of the song. This version has never been released before and is the so called "original mix".




godwinFunny what can happen when you come out of the closet. In this case I was in a closet and I needed to move some big, heavy cardboard boxes. And since I had consumed a few beverages of the vodka-persuasion I ended up sitting down and opening these mystery boxes out of sheer curiosity. Vodka will do that to you.

To make a long story short, what I discovered were master archival files of a great many tracks done from around 1999 to 2014. They had been stuffed into the closet when I moved to my new condo a few years ago. They were all recorded at 96KHz sampling rate and 64bit depth. Meaning far beyond CD quality. And furthermore, since they had no EQ or compression on them, I could remaster them in Soundtrack Pro and bring out all kinds of details that had not previously been audible.

And so I did. And all 3 versions of "BLUE" are now available!

clelia selection2After the success of the compilation, "French Chill Out Selection 1", here comes "French Chill Out Selection 2".  All of these tracks have been compiled and mixed by none other than Clelia Felix.  Clelia has appeared on Below Zero, Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Solaire, and, has been hard at work in the studio consistantly releasing downbeat/chilled out music for years.

This fine selection of music includes songs in french to instrumental vibes that offer deep electronic sounds.  Clelia wanted to take us on a journey that would recall the chic and trenty atmosphere of France, such as, Paris, the French Riveria and of course the fashion!  She says, "close your eyes and welcome to France!"

bennysingsBenny Sings managed to make a lasting impression on press and audience since his debut album Champagne People (2003). The album was received very well by press (‘A revelation!’, ‘Rare originally’) and gave Benny Sings recognition. He played a couple of big festivals and won prizes, including the Essent Award in 2004. The album also received good reviews abroad, where it was released on vinyl by Kindred Spirits/Rush Hour.

His second album I Love You (2005), again gained worldwide recognition and was received very well: the renowned BBC DJ Gilles Peterson became fan and in France the song Little Donna became a radio-hit on Radio Nova. A small European tour followed.

Benny also reached Japan where he established success with his third album Benny.. At Home (2007). US was also reached with a lot of good reviews including a big front-page article on Okayplayer.com (the website of Questlove and The Roots, the best visited hiphop site in the world). With his album ART (2011) Benny, after earlier conquering Asia, had his breakthrough in America and a worldwide release with Fat Beats followed. All the successes from previous albums are bundled on his latest album The Best Of Benny Sings (2012). Benny and band toured Japan in 2011 & 2013.

In 2012 Benny performed on the biggest Dutch national television show called De Wereld Draait Door. International airplay on BBC Radio 1 (Gilles Peterson), BBC Radio 2 (Jamie Cullum), KCWR Los Angeles (Anthony Valadez), Studio Brussel (Lefto).

Multiple tracks got placed in synch worldwide: HBO show Girls, Mazda, Kookai, Citroën. European tour as support act of Mayer Hawthorne in 2012. For this tour, Benny Sings and his band toured in 6 countries and played in 18 different cities. His success wasn’t unnoticed, after this tour followed a show on the London Traction festival (curated by Gilles Peterson), shows in Lithuania, on Dutch festivals and a tour through France.

As a producer Benny Sings worked with both national and international artist and makes music for commercial and films. Artist Benny worked with are: Giovanca, Wouter Hamel, Faberyayo, Yuko Ando, DATA, Janne Schra, BEA 1991, Roos Jonker, Mayer Hawthorne, Cero and many others. His new album ‘STUDIO’ will be released via Dox Records (Benelux) Jakarta Records (Europe/US) and Asia (JVC - release November 18h) will be out November 27th worldwide on cd / digital & vinyl.

paulsenstryczekOnce met a daydreamer and a master in the art of living, a studio freak and a street musician, a singer-songwriter and a groove inventor. What sounds like a get-together of a few exceptional characters, is the electrifying interplay of Paulsen & Stryczek's very fine talents and forces, endowing the duo's best for another truly breathtaking album adventure. "Scratched like my soul" is their third album release on Lemongrassmusic, a well-grounded, warm glowing journey of 13 electro-acoustic soundscapes. Oftentimes, the album is ruled by variable, exquisite guitar work, which is naturally reinforcing the earthy expression, the album pleasantly radiates. Occasionally propelled by uplifting grooves, a dash of Dub, Tango or Lounge, the journey remains excitingly colourful.
The beautiful Opener "Sahara" sets the tone, followed by the probably best song of the album. With catchy vocals and a bluesy guitar riff,"Scratched Like My Soul" sounds like a reminiscent to Zero7 and Bill Withers at the same time. Each following song maintains the high quality level, while a subtle, irresistible longing keeps increasing. A blissful tinge, telling about the beauty of our world, sweeps us away. Clouds drift by, sea waves roll ashore, shady alleys of majestic trees with leaves rustling in the wind - such imaginary pictures flood one's brain, while Paulsen & Stryczek keep telling us their road stories.
Jens Paulsen is probably best known for his groundbreaking releases under his monikers „Patchwork“ (Spirit Zone Recordings) and „Bazille Noir“ (Jubilee Records). He met Daniel Stryczek on a small festival in Northern Germany back in 2010. Daniel's passion for songwriting and acoustic instruments perfectly compliments with Jens Paulsen's studio skills. For "Scratched Like My Soul" a mandolin player, two vocalists and a field recordings sound collector with some old tapes in his pockets joined the pathway of production.

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