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osulandeThe eclectic soulful and house producer who was born in St. Louis and then went on to couquer the world joins us this week.  Osulande got his start working for Sesame Street and then going on into full music production.  This acoustic version of the track "Infinity" allowed us to bring him into the world of chill for a taste of his genius.

karmacoda loveandfateThese two themes kept reemerging throughout the three and a half years Karmacoda took to write and record their new album aptly titled, Volume 1 of Love and Fate.  “This is our most personal record to date” says B. (Brett Crockett) the bands vocalist.  “It was as if we had no choice in the matter, it felt like we were channeling something, it was focusing us.”

Love and Fate follows Karmacoda’s successful 2011 album Eternal and marks the band’s fifth studio release (along with numerous remix releases).  In addition to B., Eric Matsuno (bass, guitar, synth), and Isaac Ho (piano, keyboards) Love and Fate features appearances by the amazing vocalists Beth Hirsch (Air), Artemis, Shannon Hurley (Lovers and Poets), Anji Bee (Lovespirals) and Tyler Stone (Sutro) each of which sing duets with B.  
“When we wrote our last record Eternal we asked Beth and Anji to join us on vocals for the track Love Will Turn Your Head Around and it was so magical, so beautiful, I wanted to recreate that experience even more” says B.  “So we contacted these five women, with such beautiful voices - who also happen to be really good friends of ours - and thankfully they all said ‘yes’ to contributing.”  “In addition to being able to leverage the incredible talent each of these artists brought to our music, it was unprecedented to have a wider palette of tones and attitudes working with the different vocalists,” reflects bassist Eric Matsuno.  “Each one of them brought forth unique feelings creating an artistic feedback that enhanced our writing and performances helping us to discover deeper emotional intentions in each song.”

pajaroPajaro Sunrise began as the joint project of Yuri Méndez y Pepe Lopez. Their first album, put out by Lovemonk Records in November 2006, was recorded, mixed and produced at home by the artists themselves. Pājaro Sunrise was warmly recieved by the specialized press, released in Japan and South Korea, and got world-wide distribution. The group generated lots of interest and even toured Europe, bringing them to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and the Czech Republic. Although Done/Undone (released in March 2009) began as a group effort (by then, Mario Delgado had joined them as a permanent member), the band broke up during the recording process, and the resulting album is made up of a mix of songs originally meant for the group, and a lot of others that Yuri had recorded on his own. Yuri decided to release a double album, even though the 22 tracks could have fit perfectly on a single CD. As Yuri says, Done is for all the things that were coming to an end – and in my life that was a lot of things; Undone is for all of the new possibilities that come out of that.”

ritonTraditionally known for his Kosmiche tinged Electro-Techno sound, championed at his Space Ibiza residency and as part of the extended Ed Banger crew and tour DJ for Radio Soulwax, it might come as a surprise to learn that Riton has released a Mix Tape Album called 'Can't Stop The Clock.' But actually this aesthetic has long been a weapon of choice for Riton "I think it's because I always loved the sampling aesthetic. It still interests me the fact you an make a song without playing one note. I don't think anybody had ever come up with a more radical and punk way to make a song to date. I started buying Dance Records around the time when guys like MAARS would make a track from 100 bits of other records. In this sense 'Can't Stop The Clock' was a kind of a reverse Mix-tape cos normally you might find rappers using other people's beats and samples to showcase there vocals, whereas I had the vocals I wanted and built new instrumentals around them. So I think that adds a new twist!"

Available exclusively at https://soundcloud.com/ritontime 'Can't Stop The Clock' comprises of 12 tracks made up of original music, built around some of Riton's favourite pieces of music. "Anyone who's been listening to a lot of these Hip-Hop/Urban mix-tapes over the past few years will have noticed that, more often than not, they are better than the actual artist LPs. When you start a project that you know you can't sell you are empowered by musical freedom. It becomes a non-commercial work of love, because you have nobody to satisfy other than yourself. I essentially wanted to make a bunch of songs I would play out in the clubs and got to pick the vocals I loved or just thought I could have some fun with.

indiekidINDIEKID is the solo project of an austrian born music composer, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, remixer & live act. Indiekid started producing music in 2003 and from then on had several projects with different pseudonyms on various record labels. Indiekid’s debut album ‘Electric Symphony’ came out on MMAN Recordings in 2010 and is a combination between classical music and indie dance. Two years later he finally found his passion for experimental electronica and recorded a mini-album which he released in 2013 on Austria's biggest chill out label Audiokult. His sound is the result of musical influences from all over the world; from electronica to indie dance; from chill out to nu jazz.

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