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tosca_nohassleTOSCA - NO HASSLE

'No Hassle' is the new album by Viennese soundscape masters Tosca. Forefathers of the nu-Balearic/cosmic scene of artists such as Studio, Quiet Village, A Mountain Of One and Windsurf; Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber have produced their most magical and mesmerising album yet. A luxurious tapestry of analogue and digital sounds, submerged samples and live instruments; 'No Hassle' evolves and expands into an hour-long ambient symphony. The title reflects not only the duo's laidback approach to making music but their whole philosophy of life.

Multi-instrumentalists Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber have been friends since their Vienna schooldays, when they founded their first experimental band, Dehli 9. Richard later became half of the globally acclaimed DJ-producer duo Kruder and Dorfmeister, while Rupert worked in piano composition, sound-art installation and acoustic networks. The duo rediscovered their musical chemistry again with their Tosca debut, the 1994 12" 'Chocolate Elvis'; a string of highly praised albums and remix collections followed.

under_newMany years ago when Below Zero was just getting started we crossed paths with Under in San Francisco.  Their music has been described as 'pop-noir' with melancholic lyrics and catchy melodies.  They comprise of singer Jen Triano and keyboard player Eamonn Flynn.

After thier first EP release they literally went 'under' to find the right mix for their new album.  It wasn't about putting something out by a deadline or getting something done to quickly follow up on their EP.  This was about finding the right mood, the right people and the right time.  After a lot of hard work they have returned to us with contributions from Joan Jeanrenaud, Milosh and many more...

This amazing album, "More Pleasant Grey" shows us the many sides of Under with the rework of "Keep on Moving" that has a new softer edge with a drum n bass suprise.  The haunting and deep sounds of "Berkley 3" and some of the tracks you feel in love with from the EP along with some new gems.under_morepleasant

But to kick it all off is the beautiful, fun and intoxicating track, "Gravity".

If you were already a fan of Under says welcome back and get ready for an amazing journey... for those who were not a fan yet you will be after hearing this one.

Check out their VIDEO

thefiremen_redlorryThe Fireman's much anticipated third studio album Electric Arguments is finally out.

Critics around the world have been raving about how great this new album is. For those who still don't know The Fireman is a collaborative project between music icon Paul McCartney and revered producer Youth.

Paul visited The Fire Station pub in London to chat to the world's media about the release Electric Arguments.

(Interview taken from: Myspace)

Talking about the new album Paul told the media, " We had creative freedom to make this album any way we wanted. It could have been very carefully considered but that wouldn't be The Fireman." Talking about working with Youth he added, "I like working with someone. I like giving up control. It's more fun than sitting in a room on your own all day." The big difference between this Fireman album and their previous works is that Electric Arguments includes vocals. The Fireman's first two albums were instrumental.

On the decision to include vocals this time round Paul commented, "The first two Fireman albums were instrumental. Youth suggested to me, 'how about a bit of vocal?' And I said, 'well I haven't got any songs, I've got no idea'. And because it's The Fireman and anything goes, I said, 'yeah sure'. So I just ad-libbed it and eventually a song came out of it."thefiremen

Earlier this year, in September, it was announced that The Fireman would this year release their first brand new material in a decade and this time there was a big difference - the duo had found their voice. Speculation began; one studio insider was reported as saying the new songs sounds like 'Arcade Fire meets Led Zeppelin'. Certainly so far, anyone who has heard the album has commented on just how accessible Electric Arguments is, compared to the first two Fireman albums.

Electric Arguments by The Fireman is an eclectic and varied album consisting of thirteen tracks recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year. Each track was written and recorded in the space of one day. The Fireman went into the studio with no plan or clear direction of how they wanted the album to sound. The project took a life of its own and the results will surprise anyone expecting to hear the previous sound of the band. Electric Arguments demonstrates that Paul McCartney is still interested in pure musical possibilities. This is an album set to both surprise and delight the listener. Made with no record company restraints or a set release date to work to, Electric Arguments was made with complete artistic and creative freedom.

computer_paulA brand new EP from Computer Paul is out as the 30th release in the Bagpak Solo Series.  Computer Paul teamed up with veteran soul singer Michelle Amador on the track Buffalo Soldier and Does It.  The lush vocals and broken beats along with deep keys make this EP is must.  There is definately some dancefloor in this EP on one of the remixes, but the rest of these tracks are unique and rounded.

There isn't a lot out there on line in regards to the release or great background on Computer Paul, which makes it even more interesting.

worldofapplesThere is not a lot of information on this band, World of Apples.  Their track, "15 Months" appears on the Laid Back chill out compilation and they have also done remixes for Nemo and Zuco 103.

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