ladder aclLadder – Always Choose Love

Lemongrassmusic present the new album "Always Choose Love“ of California-based musician and producer Matt Gaspari, alias Ladder. All of the songs have initially started as a simple piano melody and then have evolved into many versions of themselves. The result is a melodic story that Matt wants to tell. His intention to produce a Chillout / vacation dance record was successfully brought to life and he hopes to address the fans of his earlier releases as well as new listeners.

bms kp1Seb Taylor is an artist Below Zero has been lucky enough to have play on previous shows and events, who performs under so many unique and groundbreaking monikers such as Hibernation, Digitalis, and Shakta.  

What happens when you have a pure musician who comes from a psychedelic trance background and world fusion music? You have an digital explosion with organic melody, once it all settles you have the one and only Kaya Project.

Seb Taylor graced us with his talents for our Below Zero Minus One release and he is back with the latest album "body. Mind. Soul".

You can find your copy on Bandcamp.com

imageLemongrassmusic present the 5th longplayer album by Dutch producer and musician Marc Hartman alias Weber & Weber. Dare to live your dreams and allow yourself to have thoughts and plans that are bigger than everything you’ve known before.  You can go beyond your limits and reach for the sky - with the feet on the ground and your mind flying freely.

From Chillout, Lounge and Trip Hop to Jazz and Fusion, you’ll find a wide range of styles on this new musical journey of Weber & Weber.  14 tracks that are as unique as many-folded.

kayaproject soulsentwindSeb Taylor brings us, in his words, "a song full of hope, love & devotion - another uplifting & optimistic track to counteract the uncertain times we are currently living through."

The Kaya Project sound returns with the vocals of Pooja Tiwari and also includes two Classical Indian Violinists (Deepak Pandit & Kartik Raghunathan) & Hungarian Flute Virtuosa Fatima Gozlan.

Check out the full release with a 60 minute mix from Seb on his bandcamp page.

capa cydoniaLemongrassmusic present the new album „Cydonia“ by Norwegian artist Capa, alias Vidar Nord. The album art and the title of the 14 tracks album was created halfway through the process, so the actual Cydonia feeling manifested itself in the music-making process in the second half and all previous tracks needed to get a special Cydonia treatment afterwards which makes the whole album a homogenous work now.

This strange outher-earthly-creature on its way following a cryptic map, maybe to Cydonia - a mythical place on Mars, an ancient city in Crete or 1106 Cydonia - an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Anyway, it’s on its way to the unknown, this creature in peace with nature and technology. The music of Cydonia is the soundtrack to this journey.

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